Quantum SHIFT 🦚 Inner Power Circle
Shawna Pelton

Quantum SHIFT 🦚 Inner Power Circle

Shawna Pelton

Welcome to Quantum SHIFT 🦚 Inner Power Circle

Where seekers become finders of health and happiness

Do you see yourself as a spiritual seeker of truth, an emerging conscious leader, or a change-maker?

If you have a love for the new paradigm of fundamental wellbeing, bioenergetics, quantum and neuroscience-based personal growth, and want to further yourself on the path of SELF MASTERY for personal or professional excellence

BUT old patterns of "not ENOUGHness" (not good, loved, capable, ready, or stable enough) sometimes hold you back from having a healthy, fulfilling life or meaningful relationships.

Maybe you battle with procrastination, self-doubt, judgmental criticism, uncertainty, or loss of self-control...

And you're ready for a profound and lasting difference in your life or business and are ready to MAKE TODAY THE DAY YOU CHOOSE TO RESOLVE CONFLICT, creating a Quantum SHIFT from feeling empty, lost and limited to aligning with your potential for health, happiness, and harmony...

You're in the right place!

Hello! My name is Shawna Pelton, the founder of the Quantum SHIFT Inner Power Circle commUNITY, and I've been in the healing and transformation world for nearly 20 years. I teach people how to resolve their personal and relational conflict by liberating the authentic power of their innermost self, so to heal, live in harmony, and unleash their potential out into the world.  

My work has evolved over the years from herbal & holistic nutrition education, aesthetics & antiaging, biophoton therapy for hard to treat conditions, meditation for stress, spiritual healing for living in harmony, vibrational and bioenergy medicine for physical, emotional, and mental health, forgiveness healing, NLP & hypnosis for behavioral change, Conversational Intelligence(TM) and Executive Coaching for building trust.

I really appreciate being grounded in practical proven techniques while embodying the work of deeply spiritual training and practice free from dogma.

More importantly, I believe I've earned my real education by way of experience from working with thousands of people with various needs.

Why You Should Join this commUNITY

During times of fear and uncertainty when external circumstances seem out of our control, the most effective and empowering choice we can make is that of our conscious evolution - moving away from identifying with the limited conditioned mind, to express our authentic Selves.

Imagine what's possible when we can witness our lives and others in a new way, to engage our higher minds from an elevated state of consciousness, grounded in our true nature of love.

I know that anything is possible when we join forces with one another as one heart for the greater good of all, and I recognize that there's so much noise on the internet, with plenty of "experts" fighting for your business and attention.

I, for one, am over the hustle of the old way.... living in competition, striving for success, struggle, and stress. I want to create a harmonious way for us to experience more in life, a community that is focused on personal growth without getting caught up in the busy-ness of "things to do" for FOMO (fear of missing out).

High Vibe Tribe

I foresee this being a community of enlightened alliances who value learning, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being, personal and professional growth, meaningful connections, making a difference in this world, and it would be an honor to have you as a part of this experience. 

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